Heimo Poutanen (DI)

Heimo Poutanen (DI) is a specialist in automation and software production and development. The know-how has developed in very demanding international operating environments and multi-technical technology applications:

Research - Product development & production - Technology development - Supply development - IPR protection - international projects & networks - Mobile machinery / Process industry - Automation R&D management - product management - life cycle business in software-oriented products - Algorithms and
Examples of knowledge capital:

  1. Productisation, product management and product management of automation and distributed machine control systems for a global distribution network
  2. Research and development of automation, electrical and control systems in mobile machinery (mines / ports)
  3. Lifetime business management of SW intensive products
  4. Extensive experience in both the international business of mobile machinery and automation applications in the process industry
  5. Management of R&D teams (specifications, software architecture and Software production and testing, development of electrical systems)
  6. Management of technology programs
  7. Experience in practical design work and implementation of automation systems
  8. Long-term cooperation with automation and electronics suppliers
  9. Know-how and production transfer projects
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