Cost management methods and productive supplier cooperation

The goal is to bring the concrete methods of cost management to practical work and to the company's manufacturing, delivery network and product offering. Cost is the final measure, which consists of managing the entire delivery process, as well as integrating product development, procurement and product management to create a competitive product.

MexLink's cost management resources and scientific research network have been applying Toyota's original tools to small series industrial operations. The concepts and the bear wrestling of current products and functions as well as customer value and costs have been tested in numerous companies. Our strength is the training and application skills obtained directly from one of the hardest cores of cost control – the Japanese automotive industry.

Our service concept is based on the step-by-step transfer of tested procedures and tools to the company. We offer this world-class know-how both for product development and for eliminating the unproductive work of current products without reducing customer value. We can see three levels in the area of ​​cost and customer value. The visible cost requires a system-level approach while the results can be used quickly. Invisible costs hidden in product features and the production process require their own tools. The most difficult path is a culture formed by long-term activities, i.e. a way of doing productivity work in a new way. In this most difficult phenomenon, we can offer both new tools and the know-how to apply them.

The digitisation of manufacturing provides a good platform for data collection, which is a raw material for creating productivity and new customer value.

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