Pasi Julkunen

Pasi Julkunen (DI)

Pasi Julkunen (DI) has worked with mobile machinery for more than 35 years in various positions practically throughout the entire processing chain.

Research- Product development & Production - Technology development- Supply development- IPR protection – international projects & networks – Strategic sourcing & Lean – Production technology development – ​​Production transfer projects on a global scale – Innovation management & Crisis management – ​​Profitability management – ​​Product support & warranty process.

The scope of work has varied from the grassroots level to the forefront of international distribution and a strategic perspective, where the effects of the measures have been verified over a period of up to 20 years. Lessons have been constantly drawn from these, also for the fast flow of short-range tasks.

Examples of knowledge capital:

  1. Ability to lead long-term research towards the productization of more than 25 research projects that have progressed to funding, with more than €50 M of development investment
  2. 28 mobile work machine productization processes, 18 high-tech components, 3 Asian projects, 7 automation products, 4 service products and two technology platforms, as well as the supply maintenance process
  3. Pioneer of industrial design in mobile machinery: bringing design into the product development culture of machinery (24 equipment projects, 6 service design/vision projects)
  4. Technology and cost development of precision manufacturing and the demanding equipment assembly process
  5. Supplier network management and development (10 years of experience in supplier network development and procurement processes, outsourcing, financial analyses, work process analyses)
  6. Management of IPR protection (35 years of experience, 52 patent families, processing of thousands of invention notifications, fight against pirates with different protection methods, information security projects)
  7. International R&D networks (Australia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA, India, China, South Africa, Chile, Canada, ...) years of practical experience
  8. Corporate risk management (product liability cases/ USA, risk analyses, major changes)
  9. Production relocation projects in the domestic and international arena (4 heavy relocations)
  10. Strategic management (Supply, Technology, Production and Division level strategy)
  11. Innovation/Crisis management 6 crises of the low economy and building a new one after the crisis
  12. Practicality and the ability to work at the grassroots level in cooperation with different work roles - also as one of the workhorses - different calculations and new openings everyday
  13. Management of people and things, teams of 3-100 people, change management (technology, recovery from crisis), continuous training in business management during career
  14. Activities utilizing ecosystem cooperation (various networks and platforms, Smart Manufacturing in the network, one of the founding members of the MEXPinland ecosystem)
  15. Due Diligence (Company Acquisition Evaluation: Case South Korea, Case Italy, Case Finland)
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