"We had received a message that demand and supply do not meet in the labor needs of machine and metal product manufacturing companies. When the matter was fluffed, the results were good and exceeded our expectations. In a short time and with the given budget, we not only got a clear picture of the situation, but also a plan to solve the problem."
- Jouni Myllymäki, Business Tampere, Konepajakoulu 2.0 project

Skills mapping service


Tacit knowledge is invisible knowledge tied to a professional's activities. The competence map provides a structured template, with which knowledge is made visible around a specific theme, i.e. competence element, through discussion. The collected information helps the company to solve the problems of labor shortage and productivity due to know-how.

Product Information
Product Information

Description of our service process:

The aim of Koneistaja's competence mapping service is to create an independent ability for both the company and its cooperation partners to use the competence map for productivity development and competence documentation, as well as the tacit knowledge of experienced staff.

  • Planning meeting
  • Mapping of the current situation with the help of a pilot group
  • Competence data processing and expansion plan
  • Mapping expansion and transfer of operating model to the company
  • Performance management of competence in the company


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Skills mapping service

Skills mapping service