Machinist Competence Map and mapping process- Enhancing Productivity through Tacit Knowledge

TOOLS: "Competence Board" 140 x 110 cm (depicting expertise from novice to master) and the process of transferring tacit knowledge for a company's competitive advantage.

IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS: Professionals often struggle to conceptualise and articulate their own expertise without the help of a competency matrix. Using a machinist's competency map, we can identify the roots of productivity - tacit knowledge.

The expertise of manufacturing personnel is diminishing due to retirements faster than new talent can be acquired and trained. Machinists are one of the most challenging professions in this context, as they are responsible for one of the company's largest cost centers, the production machinery.

Tacit knowledge is an invisible asset that can be harnessed through our tools and knowledge transfer offerings to address the challenges of scarcity. Competence mapping makes these invisible links to productivity visible and identifies the skill needs of current personnel.

Through mapping, you can uncover the root causes of productivity, automation solutions, and the profitability of products. 

Spesication for Competence Map , Spesification for Comptence Mapping Process

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