Netwok boosted Knowledge provider in the mechanical engineering industry

MexLink is a network company formed by experienced top professionals, built around a five-person core team, which scales up to a network of international experts according to customer needs, for the needs of both large companies and SMEs.

MexLink's playing field is in various cooperation groups formed by companies, directly in companies and in the interface between public actors and companies. The common denominators of our offer are the management of the entire life cycle of products and services and the power of tacit knowledge, which stems from practical experience with industrial products.

Our knowledge balance consists of the productisation of numerous different products during the ups and downs of international business throughout the entire life cycle. In addition, we renew our knowledge balance by participating in research projects together through companies and international research networks.

Our location

Pirkkalaistie 1 37100 Nokia, Finland


+358 40 527 1000