Our team has produced numerous products aimed at the global market, gathering valuable tacit knowledge about the keys to success. Extensive experience in the different stages of the product life cycle provides a strong foundation for long-term profitability. We constantly update our expertise in cooperation with international science networks, leading companies and education experts.

Pasi Julkunen (DI)

Pasi Julkunen (DI) has worked with mobile machinery for more than 35 years in various positions practically throughout the entire processing chain.

Research- Product development & Production - Technology development- Supply development- IPR protection – international projects & networks – Strategic sourcing & Lean – Production technology development – ​​Production transfer projects on a global scale – Innovation management & Crisis management – ​​Profitability management – ​​Product support & warranty process.

The scope of work has varied from the grassroots level to the forefront of international distribution and a strategic perspective, where the effects of the measures have been verified over a period of up to 20 years. Lessons have been constantly drawn from these, also for the fast flow of short-range tasks.

Examples of knowledge capital:

  1. Ability to lead long-term research towards the productization of more than 25 research projects that have progressed to funding, with more than €50 M of development investment
  2. 28 mobile work machine productization processes, 18 high-tech components, 3 Asian projects, 7 automation products, 4 service products and two technology platforms, as well as the supply maintenance process
  3. Pioneer of industrial design in mobile machinery: bringing design into the product development culture of machinery (24 equipment projects, 6 service design/vision projects)
  4. Technology and cost development of precision manufacturing and the demanding equipment assembly process
  5. Supplier network management and development (10 years of experience in supplier network development and procurement processes, outsourcing, financial analyses, work process analyses)
  6. Management of IPR protection (35 years of experience, 52 patent families, processing of thousands of invention notifications, fight against pirates with different protection methods, information security projects)
  7. International R&D networks (Australia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA, India, China, South Africa, Chile, Canada, ...) years of practical experience
  8. Corporate risk management (product liability cases/ USA, risk analyses, major changes)
  9. Production relocation projects in the domestic and international arena (4 heavy relocations)
  10. Strategic management (Supply, Technology, Production and Division level strategy)
  11. Innovation/Crisis management 6 crises of the low economy and building a new one after the crisis
  12. Practicality and the ability to work at the grassroots level in cooperation with different work roles - also as one of the workhorses - different calculations and new openings everyday
  13. Management of people and things, teams of 3-100 people, change management (technology, recovery from crisis), continuous training in business management during career
  14. Activities utilizing ecosystem cooperation (various networks and platforms, Smart Manufacturing in the network, one of the founding members of the MEXPinland ecosystem)
  15. Due Diligence (Company Acquisition Evaluation: Case South Korea, Case Italy, Case Finland)
Pentti Enlund (Value Engineer)

Pentti Enlund (Value Engineer) is a specialist in the area of ​​product cost management (Value Engineering & Value Analysis). When the straightforward means of reducing costs and increasing value run out, Pent's work begins. He has a long experience in planning and purchasing, and he is one of the few in Finland who has genuine experiential expertise in Target Costing, Value Engineering and Kaizen Costing concepts, especially in the supplier-customer interface.

Product planning – Productisation of technology - Strategic procurement – ​​Integration of suppliers into product development projects – Quality management – ​​Development of manufacturing processes

Examples of knowledge capital:

  1. The original Toyota Lean concept, TPS. (tools for the automotive industry to develop quality, cost and delivery capability)
  2. Deep knowledge of the Target Costing concept
  3. Value Engineering/Value Analysis in-depth expertise, reducing the costs of system and sub-components by means of design (product development phase)
  4. Deep knowledge of Kaizen Costing (within the company and in the supply network)
  5. Design experience from design to documentation and frontline support - system design - machine systems - cockpits
  6. Hydraulics and pneumatics category manager of the global procurement operation, which included the €100M purchase volume and the development of the supplier network, as well as the development of domestic/international relations even in challenging negotiation situations
  7. Pioneer of the 5S concept in Finland (one of the authors and testers of the MET publication (now TT) 5S)
  8. Concrete development of manufacturing processes at a practical level on the production line
  9. Accustomed to detect and, if necessary, calculate costs
  10. Several international patents
  11. A long list of publications on cost management, Kaizen and new production concepts
  12. Extensive cooperation with the world's leading companies in their field, such as Toyota, Bridgestone, Komatsu and Bosch Rexroth.
  13. Several appearances as a speaker at conferences, seminars, companies and universities.
  14. Second place in Sandvik's international innovation competition 2020.

Heimo Poutanen (DI)

Heimo Poutanen (DI) is a specialist in automation and software production and development. The know-how has developed in very demanding international operating environments and multi-technical technology applications:

Research - Product development & production - Technology development - Supply development - IPR protection - international projects & networks - Mobile machinery / Process industry - Automation R&D management - product management - life cycle business in software-oriented products - Algorithms and
Examples of knowledge capital:

  1. Productisation, product management and product management of automation and distributed machine control systems for a global distribution network
  2. Research and development of automation, electrical and control systems in mobile machinery (mines / ports)
  3. Lifetime business management of SW intensive products
  4. Extensive experience in both the international business of mobile machinery and automation applications in the process industry
  5. Management of R&D teams (specifications, software architecture and Software production and testing, development of electrical systems)
  6. Management of technology programs
  7. Experience in practical design work and implementation of automation systems
  8. Long-term cooperation with automation and electronics suppliers
  9. Know-how and production transfer projects

Lassi Korhonen (DI) brings to our team the latest trends in science from the field of mechanical engineering. Lassi has graduated in the spring of 2024, but has shown his skills in design and manufacturing tasks. In his future duties, Lassi will work as a research engineer in his area of ​​productization of manufacturing information, where, in addition to production, he moves in the interfaces between design and maintenance and spare parts.

Product design - Manufacturing - Manufacturing data analytics

Examples of knowledge capital:

  1. Software applied in work life Siemens NX, Teamcenter, Creo, Excel and Python, especially in data analysis
  2. A solid foundation for product development and production technology
  3. Advanced mathematical skills
  4. A growth-oriented attitude and courage for own thinking
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