The secret of tacit knowledge

Solutions for industry with decades of experience

Why is everyday work stressful and the profitability calculations do not match? How would you really get something out of the innovation of research collaboration? And where would you find workerswho can find their way to desired targets?

MexLink is a link between the tacit knowledge of the industrial sector and the everyday life of your company. The most valuable capital lies in the background of daily activities, i.e. operating methods, chains of decisions and training in the field. We bring this capital for you to see and work on.

"I can definitely recommend Mexlink. I especially appreciated the fact that they didn't make hasty promises, but first assessed our situation and then told us honestly whether they could help us or not."

– Vesa Marttila, Global Sales Director, Normet MRB Oy

Our operating principles

Every company is hungry for success in its own category. It can be achieved by supporting our customers to achieve top performance on a journey spanning the life cycle of products and services and expertise. We have been boiled in the tough broths of international business, from which our reserve of tacit knowledge is transferred to the customers' actions.

We have productized our service into modules, which always have a layer of customer need-tuned approach to various problems and opportunities to be solved.

    Competence base = experience + new knowledge

    • Resources exhausted by international business
    • World class cost management tools/experience
    • Tasks in the field of demanding manufacturing - the importance of tacit knowledge
    • Life cycle understanding in the complexity of product digitalization, systems and mechanics
    • Knowledge networks, through which specialized knowledge and capacity

    We provide the roots

    • Competence maps of the manufacturing industry (tacit knowledge)
    • Technology management development - productization - product management - life cycle
    • Ways to reduce costs with customer value at the center
    • Development of automation products while managing life cycle costs

    Customised services

    • Products and services described
    • In the online store (includes specifications)
    • We also offer customised or partially productised service concepts

    Online store

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