Lessons from the ÄVE research forum 20 August 2020

The research community accelerates the pace towards the end of the project, which is natural for research. In this forum, intermediate results are shared from a few spearheads that drive knowledge-based productivity development and create innovations touching future megatrends and even adjusting them.

The recording of the ÄVE webinar is now available on the ÄVE project website, https://www.tuni.fi/fi/tutkimus/ave-alykas-valmistus-ekosysteem until 20 September 2020 . The presentation materials are permanently on the site and can still be shared later.

Even a world-class breakthrough is being made in material research and manufacturing process modeling, but it may be difficult for an outsider to realize it, because as someone who has participated in the research and sees the future needs of the industry, the research process opens up better. On the material side, the microstructures and the phenomena inside them are perhaps difficult to understand, but crucial. Suvi Santa-aho illuminates this path: https://www.tuni.fi/sites/default/files/media/file/1_santa-aho_materialiäsäätää-tutkiminen-ainetarikkomattomilla-methodsilla_180820.pdf

Hossein Mokhtarian converted AI (Bayesian Networks) to understandable form eventhough the topic is perhaps the most complicated topic of the forum: https://www.tuni.fi/sites/default/files/media/file/2_mokhtarian_webinar-presentation_metamodel_fem_vf.pdf) .

Antti Pulkkinen present literature study of Model Based Definition, that probably will enter to practical CAD-CAM process with same way as CAD screens replaced drawing boards: 3 Pulkkinen issues on introducing model based definition pdf

Kaarle Jaakkola opens channels to the world of sensors and their role in manufacturing control and part identification. There will also be some truth to the 5G enthusiasm, at least with today's limitations. As machine manufacturers close their systems, users are forced to develop their own paths to sources of silent information. If the machine tool manufacturers realized their own interest instead of hiding it, they could focus on the second part of the research, i.e. artificial intelligence-based analytics. Another of Kaarle's topics is identification technologies, where VTT's patented technology is applied in an interesting way (although the product still requires a few development steps): 4 Jaakkola wireless measurement and integrated rfid 08-2020 pdf

Jari Paranko hits on a current topic, i.e. the impact of the corona virus on the corporate economy, and highlights really relevant survival tips. Unfortunately, many people find these things either boring or simply difficult to understand. You should take Jari's message seriously and listen to it at least a couple of times. 5 best profitability management pdf

The undersigned then brings up the result perspective of the ÄVE project from the perspective of industry. In addition, I also open my eyes to the organization of the MEXPinland ecosystem and the next investments. The original goals have mostly been realized and the dream of a center of excellence for digital manufacturing has become reality. Sandvik's drilling machine factory demonstrates in practice what digitalization really is in the manufacturing world. I have emphasized the new arrival of the basics, i.e. the importance of tacit knowledge in practice, which is emphasized in the speed of digitalization. Digitization and the basics of manufacturing go hand in hand = back to basics! 6 Julkunen results and follow-up measures Sandvik mexfinland pdf

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