The roots of resilience, the lessons of the corona - continuous development

This article published in Kauppakamarilehti ( ) deepens the background to the research conducted by Business Tampere at MexLink Oy. In conclusion, this study only reinforces the importance of continuous continuous development to the success of companies. The nature of development in the future may no longer be the same - especially for those who have focused on operational efficiency. In general, there are no shortcuts to development input, i.e. a small input - a small change, but through cooperation the input can be increased.

The effects of Corona on the mechanical engineering industry are just beginning and the real difficulty is still ahead. In the international turbulence caused by Corona, there is a danger of forgetting the strategy and focusing only on operational efficiency. In the short term, it hurts, but the crisis also offers opportunities in addition to threats. A drastic change in the business environment can lead the company to a serious crisis at worst, if you only focus on your own cash flow and costs in a strong saving mode.

There are no ready-made models for managing crises like Corona, so strategic planning becomes dynamic and iterative, but seeks long-term effects. We must always remember that the future is largely made today. External changes in the business environment require constant adjustment, but the tenacity of strategic measures must not change. In addition, the world would seem that the turbulence does not end there. However, the experience of many turbulences gives the skills needed for sudden corrective movements. If these scars of experience are not enough and the company sees a need for a pilot who knows the nature of mechanical engineering deeply, we accept the challenge.

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