Productisation of automation, digitalisation and new technology

The goal is to bring added value through the tacit information brought by the productisation experience and to eliminate in advance the potential problems and costs brought by product solutions.

Our productisation concept of automation, related digital services and new technology extends from development to the structure of the offer, including life cycle management. In the development phase, the conditions for profitable products and services are built. During the maintenance phase, many technology-related surprises are encountered, the speed of which is important.

Our service is based on practical experience and know-how consisting of many products from demanding international markets, where our knowledge balance has accumulated countless situations that we have had to deal with. Sustainable product architecture and timely delivery of customer needs are typically the most difficult parts of product development.

Even if the customer's personnel has a good background in automation, it can be challenging in the development phase to anticipate pitfalls during the life cycle. Even the detection of new opportunities can remain in the fog of an unknown future. The availability of talent for high-tech development is a significant problem, and tacit information about product requirements is lost either due to staff turnover, rotation or departure.

With our own know-how, we bring the capacity and skill to make the right choices and develop the productisation process, starting from the roots of research expertise through development to manufacturing and support in the market. Although our experience comes from international business, our service helps SMEs avoid the biggest pitfalls of technology productisation.

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