ELY Center's Development Services

What does it mean to commercialise innovations?

Editing of product and service blanks into a successful profitable offering. Courage to take the first steps, recognising the pitfalls that can be turned quickly enough.

How to create a successful product or service?

The stages of production are tailored according to the product, service and customer segment. Let's examine how these could be profitably produced and served to customers. Industrial design is a very effective tool in the selection of tools. In that, I help the designer and the company start the collaboration, which has not been an easy task even for a large company. We also visualise the potential to generate value for the customer and the means of redeeming it. We also look inside the lifetime business, because especially penetrating a new area with digitalisation tools, for example, contains a lot of cost mines that can make the new offering unprofitable after the initial hype. One topic related to lifetime business is the protection of innovations, in which you can easily sink ineffective money, but if done correctly, it is a strategic factor for the company and increases the value of the company.

How do you get started?

The service is a service for SMEs organised by the ELY Center, where an authorised expert chosen by the company does work for the customer at a subsidised price. It is worth initially contacting MexLink to understand the need and then a fairly simple application process with the ELY center: https://www.ely-keskus.fi/web/yrystenkehittamispalvelut/nain-haet-sälimen

The duration of the consultation is 2–5 days at a time, and it costs the company 325 euros + VAT/day . You can get a consultation for a maximum of 15 days during three years. https://www.ely-keskus.fi/web/yritystenkehittamispalvelut/innovaatioden-kaupallistaminen

Before using Innovations' commercialisation services, you must complete the Analysis service from the same source: https://www.ely-keskus.fi/web/yritystenkehittamispalvelut/analışı

The duration of the analysis is usually one day, and it costs the company 260 euros + VAT/day .

A fairly risk-free and cost-effective way to bring a top expert who has increased his skills with experience into the company, at a minimum to give a new perspective to the company management and at a maximum to create the steps for profitable growth.

What is Mexlink's role?

MexLink offers experience and know-how only as the work of its main consultant, although utilising sparring through other personnel and networks.

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