Training services

The goal is to produce customized and standard trainings to increase the ability and basic skills of the company's personnel.

Our training services are based on our service offering, from which we raise spearheads that are important for the company. Our strength lies in our networks, from which we can complement both our own and the client company's knowledge base.

The training services include both ready-made training modules and entities that can be tailored to the company's needs from our know-how capital and networks. In particular, the basic skills related to manufacturing are largely silent in the aging personnel of companies. On the other hand, digitalization drives new skills needs that are required to improve productivity.

The background material for the manufacturing methods is both the experience base and the latest knowledge brought by top international research. We also develop remote training concepts and digital learning platforms, with which, for example, we can produce exercises at the moment chosen by the learner and bring sparring into learning with practical examples.

Our location

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