Protecting your own technology and distinguishing yourself with industrial design

The goal is to find versatile ways to stand out on the market and to protect your uniqueness through both technological and visual differentiation.

Our services are tailored according to the customer's product offering and competitive situation by bringing our own expertise honed over years of experience in the international market to refine the product offering and services to the company's competitive advantage.

Nowadays, copying of products is quite effective, and protection is thought about passively, for example, relying only on patents, without investing in ways to prevent copying. The form of the patent is also very important, but the patent holder often thinks about it from his own perspective. MexLink's expertise includes practical experience of how to fight piracy and which element of protection to pay attention to.

Another way to stand out is to control the design process. Design is often thought of as a beautiful form, but in industry it has a strong connection to product development and in the marketing mind to the story of the product. The product must be broadly understood as a physical, service, software and even a production system. MexLink's services are based on the experience of several design projects that have been commercialised and proven their strength.

MexLink's networks have professional designers whose guidance and integration of the entire project into, for example, product development or service development is MexLink's core competence. Similarly, a different patent as one of the forms of IPR requires its own experts, but even there the core of MexLink is the content, i.e. how the architecture of the protection and the technical content are built to prevent copying.

In this context, MexLink also uses ELY Center's financial instrument for SMEs on its own tab.

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