The company's development projects - top research and funding

the goal is to renew the company and expand the development capacity by utilising cooperation and expertise networks. As technology creates several layers in a product, the resource requirement increases beyond the ability of a single company to manage its core, and many technologies simultaneously invest in several new areas of technology expertise. In this case, the difficult kind of joint development across company boundaries requires both technical substance and the orchestration of networks.

Our service consists of specialised expertise in the substance-based coordination of cooperation between different parties in ecosystems, networks and clusters. The target group is either an individual company or groups of companies with their networks.

It is often difficult to get capacity for development projects between companies due to the constraints of operations and managing the diversity of the company group they need. Mere project management is not enough, but technical know-how and its connection to business models is also needed. This is MexLink's core competence.

The primary effectiveness of external technology funding is to increase the speed of the company's strategic steps and enable long-term breakthroughs in the competition. Single leaps of the tiger rarely provide lasting competitiveness. Persistence is almost always rewarded.

In the area of ​​technology financing, we are able to build a win-win situation from the perspective of both the company and the financier. Cooperation with research institutes, universities and universities of applied sciences requires the right approach, the right choice of resources and the management of research. Nowadays, research projects are multi-faceted already due to the complexity of the technology and require professional management to produce results. Top research, especially in the area of ​​manufacturing, is focused on Europe, Japan and Korea. In addition, connections to major universities in Australia enable access to talent and companies gathered from Asian regions. These connections are a new opportunity for building the competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry.

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