Management of Industrial Design Process - Practice in R&D


We offer a systematic way to make design a competitive advantage for your company, visualize goals, and create decision-making material. Our focus is on the practical utilization of design as a process led by the company.

Design contributes to the visible aspects of the product, including its practical form, color scheme following the company's brand, and support for ergonomic design.

Product Information
Product Information
Design is often thought of as form, color and art, but on an industrial scale it is only the tip of the iceberg. The visible benefit is evident in differentiation and, at its best, in cost leadership. The invisible benefit generated by the design process is related to creating decision-making materials and innovative solution ideas made through an understanding of the product user.

  • We offer systematic guidance on utilising and guiding design
  • We have long experience with benefit aspects and the design part in the different stages of supply planning
  • We also use design for ideation and visualisation of processes during the ideation phase
  • We offer the simultaneous service of both an industrial user and a designer
  • We have also used the designer's expertise in our own offer to create a visual impression

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Management of Industrial Design Process - Practice in R&D

Management of Industrial Design Process - Practice in R&D