We offer machinist skills mapping, strategic cost management, productization of automation and digital services, product management training and efficient procurement, all with the aim of sustainable success and competitiveness.


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Productisation of automation and digital services

Automation and digital services

During the development phase, the conditions for growth and profitability are built.

Our service process: Mapping of needs, products and software development capabilities Life cycle planning support for specifications Participation in project management and content production with the agreed workload Integration of the software supplier network into development with a life cycle...

Management of Industrial Design Process - Practice in R&D

The added value of design in industrial products

Guidance of the design process from the user's perspective

Design is often thought of as form, color and art, but on an industrial scale it is only the tip of the iceberg. The visible benefit is evident in differentiation and, at its best, in cost leadership. The invisible benefit generated...

Skills mapping service

The method of mapping the machinist's tacit knowledge

The labor shortage needs solutions where technology alone is not enough

Description of our service process: The aim of Koneistaja's competence mapping service is to create an independent ability for both the company and its cooperation partners to use the competence map for productivity development and competence documentation, as well as...

Purchasing Expertise from Customer Needs to Supply Network Operations

A description of the service process, which is emphasized and modified according to the company's needs Mapping of the current state of the company with acquisition as the focus and outlining the target state Fundamentals of productive procurement and cost...

Business driven protection of own technology

Business driven technology protection

The focus is often on patenting, but then 90% of IPR tools remain unused.

Business driven protection of your own technology is important strategy for companies that want to prevent copies of their innovations and stand out from their competitors in the market.  Protection of technology Patents and the role of their protective capacity Copyrights...

The company's development projects - The cutting edge of research

Company Development Projects - Research Focus and Funding

Network Management Requires Content Expertise

Technology Development in Business and Research Networks Needs Assessment Examination of Technology Readiness Level Alignment of New Initiatives with Technology Strategy or Updating the Technology Strategy Organization of Research and Testing Networks Possible External Funding Support (especially in constructing the...

Product management and the product manager's job description

Product Management and Product Manager specification

Product management is at the core of a company's profitability.

Our typical service offering, which is adjusted slightly for each company, includes: Company's current state analysis and needs assessment for product management. Introduction to Product Management Workshop. Profitability Fishing Part 1. Profitability Fishing Part 2. Product portfolio management. The role...

Strategic cost management

Cost Management

Cost Planning Out of the Product.

Our service process (limited availability outside Finland) Linking Customer Needs to Cost Planning (Technical and Service QFD) Basics of Profitability Setting Target Costs Value Analysis/Value Engineering as a Target Cost Achievement Tool Kaizen Costing (Cost Management for Current Products)

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